Abandoned Youth

Aaron (left): Shirt by Bershka - Pants by ASOS - Jewelry by Zara - Fishnet by Zara Stephen (right): Shirt by H&M - Pants by H&M - Necklace by Hot Topic

A KALTBLUT exclusive menswear editorial. Photographer Davide Illiano captured Loejjie Estacio with Ikon Agency, Joseph Tolve with St. Claire Agency , Stephen DeVries with Singular Agency,  Sean Gunner and Aaron Reiche for us. Fashion by Bershka, ASOS, ZARA, All Saints, Hot Topic and others. 

Shirt by H&M
Jacket by H&M
Necklace by Rue21
Pants by Asos

Shirt by Ministry of Ink
Plaid by Arizona
Necklace by H&M

Sean (left)
Jeans by H&M
Vest by Rue21
Necklace by Hot Topic
Bracelets by Rue21
Plaid shirt by Arizona
Loejjie (right)
Shirt by Rue21
Hat by Forever 21
Bracelets by Rue21
Plaid shirt by Arizona
Jeans by Forever 21

Shoes by Demonia
Pants by W.E.S.C
Necklaces by Hot Topic
Jacket by Social Collision
Fishnet by Liquid

Shirt by Polo Ralph Lauren
Jacket by Polo Ralph Lauren
Jeans by Diesel
Shoes by Calvin Klein
Necklace by Express

Mesh Sweater by Zara
Denim Vest by Rude
Shorts by Forever 21

Shirt by All Saints
Jeans by H&M
Boots by Demonia
Jacket by Express

Loejjie (left)
Shirt by Rue21
Davide (right)
Shirt by Rue21

Photography by Davide Illiano / www.dacreative.net / Instagram: @davideilliano

Assistants by Aaron Reiche / Stephen DeVries / Loejjie Estacio / Brandon Garza

Styling by Loejjie Estacio / Instagram: @loejjie

Makeup by Sean Gunner / Instagram: @sean_gunner

Models are Loejjie Estacio with Ikon agency / Instagram: @loejjie / Joseph Tolve with St. Claire agency / Instagram: @josephtolve / Stephen DeVries with Singular agency / Instagram: @stephenneptune / Sean Gunner / Instagram: @sean_gunner / Aaron Reiche / Instagram: @aaronreiche

Art Direction by Davide Illiano

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