About The Death Of Antonio Maceo

A KALTBLUT EXCLUSIVE. Potsdam based fashion photographer Jürgen Angelow captured Dianelys Serrano Sánchez and Elizabeth Wong López in Havanna for us. “About The Death Of Antonio Maceo” is a theater play in Cuba. Based on the story of General José Antonio de la Caridad Maceo y Grajales (June 14, 1845 – December 7, 1896). A second-in-command of the Cuban Army of Independence. Fellow Cubans gave Maceo the sobriquet of the “Bronze Titan. All costumes are part of the play. Design by Celia Ledón Acosta. Production by Irina Diaz Revé.


Photography: Jürgen Angelow www.angelow-photography.com
Design: Celia Ledón Acosta
Production: Irina Diaz Revé
Models: Dianelys Serrano Sánchez, Elizabeth Wong López

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