All-Analog Aperitif with Jens Meurer

The Impossible Project Lab presents: all-analog aperitif. To celebrate the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for his ambitious feature documentary An Impossible Project – Documentary on 35mm, German filmmaker, director and screenwriter Jens Meurer will host the first of a series of evenings dedicated to all-analog passions at The Impossible Project lab. Featuring talks and demonstrations by director Jens Meurer, founder of Tintype Berlin, Marcin Dzieniszewski and owner of an uncompromised record label and musical curator at SUPERSENSE in Vienna, Gregor Samsa. Join us for the first in this series – an evening of drinks, talks and slow-living vibes in West Berlin’s vibrant gallery district. 3rd Floor // Free Entry // Complimentary Aperitif.

Support An Impossible Project – Documentary on 35mm film here

Featuring talks and demonstrations by:
Jens Meurer
With more than 20 years experience as Producer and Director Bafta Nominated, Producer of Rush (2013), Jens has worked on more than 60 movies. In 1990, he started making documentaries; five years later, he won the European Film Award for “European Documentary Filmmaker of the Year”. He is currently filming An Impossible Project – Documentary on 35mm on 35mm. “Filming on 35mm today is a riff on the challenges and opportunities of the analog approach: It is more expensive and has limitations to be taken into account. But the thinking and focus required is almost liberation from the tyranny of ‘just-let-it-roll’-digital.”

Marcin Dzieniszewski
Founder of Tintype Berlin Marcin offers hand-crafted analog silver photographs made with an antique recipe: a liquid emulsion called collodion. You witness the creation process step by step and the image almost magically appearing before your own eyes. Unlike any other kind of photographs, collodion portraits posses the ability to look into the deepest layers of your soul, revealing personal qualities that no other technique can capture. He will offer a live demonstration of his analog practices on the night.

Gregor Samsa
The owner of an uncompromised record label and musical curator at SUPERSENSE in Vienna. It was the end of the 20th century when Sounds of Subterrania released its first 7” with Slice 49. To Gregor music is a very special form of communication, a form of expression: “One can call it art but to me it’s no longer art if you do it for money. You have to be uncompromising, understanding where you stand.” His approach is very much focused on offering alternatives to the mainstream. Earning him the title of “godfather of special packaging in conjunction with a vinyl record”.


What? All-Analog Aperitif with Jens Meurer
Where? The Impossible Project Laboratory, Berlin
When? November 3rd, 6.30 – 9.30pm
Support An Impossible Project – Documentary on 35mm film here

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