Alternative Measures Exhibition @ coGalleries Berlin

Berlin! Save the date – Alternative Measures by Christopher Sage. A solo exhibition at coGalleries, Torstrasse 170, 10115 Berlin! Vernissage: Thursday 13. July 18:00 – Exhibition dates: 14. July – 23. July 11:00 – 18:00! A must go exhibition for all art lovers. 

The exhibition Alternative Measures presents a constellation of new paintings, sculptures, drawings and site specific work by Christopher Sage, exploring polarized coexistence of dual states. This co-habitation of conflicting elements permeates the exhibition and manifests itself through a variety of visual cues in Sage’s works. Toying with visual hierarchies, Sage draws references to Constructivism and the Bauhaus school, while contrasting them against warning signs, paint colour charts, and a beer label. Facebook Event

coGalleries is an artist-lead project driven to empower professional artists by bringing the gallery to the artists’ workspace and drawing attention to the creative process.

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