Anna’s Thoughts by Mihkel Pajuste

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Blouse gina Tricot 
Blazer Sparkz

A KALTBLUT exclusive womenswear editorial. Photography by Mihkel Pajuste. An image-maker and lighting designer based in Copenhagen. Model is Laura Byskov Aggerholm signed at Le Management Official. Make-up by Romina Alvarez. Styling by Julie Garde. “I have an endless curiosity towards visual mediums. Which is most probably the reason, why I have often been using mixed media approach in my work. I find it fascinating and intriguing how different mediums combined can create somewhat surprising visual outcome, trigger the audience’s mind or simply serve the purpose of visual pleasure. In this editorial, I aimed to create a semi-poetic fashion editorial of a girl. I highlighted her thoughts with the help of subtitles and set the scene in the 16:9 split screen frames to create a feeling of the character starring her own film.” says the photographer. Fashion by Monki, Lala Berlin, Mango and others.

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Shirt Zara

Blouse Sparkz
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Dress Resume
 Knit Closed
Skirt Opening Ceremony

Shirt Monki 
Knit Lala Berlin 
Shorts Henrik Vibskov

Blouse Mango
Track Jacket Resume 
Blazer Zara
Pants Monki

Photography by Mihkel Pajuste / / Instagram: @mihkelpajuste

Model is Laura Byskov Aggerholm signed at Le Management Official / Instagram: @laurabyskov

Make-up by Romina Alvarez / Instagram: @rominaalvarezmakeup

Styling by Julie Garde / Instagram: @juliegardetouvdal

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