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May I introduce you to Art Meets Education?! Here, children from financially disadvantaged backgrounds are given the opportunity to create their own works of art. The photographs that they create are placed in exhibitions and the proceeds  generated from the sales of their art will provide the financial means for their formal education from primary school all the way up high school graduation. Art Meets Education´s priority is to provide the tools for the powerless to empower themselves. To give these children the  means to finance their own education forges the key to which they can use for a  self-determined life, a life without poverty.

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Art is an endeavor, which enriches life through emotions and stories for each individual.  While it is clear that art gives meaning, can it, however, also educate? The organization Art Meets Education intends to do exactly that – children from  impoverished backgrounds will be able to finance their own education through means of  their own creativity. Children are honest and terrific artists. They possess imaginative and experimental minds  unbounded by rational adult thought. This naive creativity is what enables them to create  incredible works of art, unharmed by society’s values, rules and structures.

The real help comes from within – The story of the beginning

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Justice and sustainability are the main values which Art Meets Education embodies. Nico Klein-Allermann, born and raised in Germany, has a strong attachment to the Philippines  through his Filipina mother. After studying photography and education, he initiated the first  project of Art Meets Education in Manila – Olandes Marikina.  Photography is his life and profession. His interest as a freelance photographer includes  socially and structurally discriminated people. In his works, one is confronted with the  moving and gripping biographies of his subjects. Looking at his photographs, one inevitably  becomes sensitized to the “lives of others”. However, for Nico, simply moving people on an  emotional level, which is often fleeting, was not enough. A moment of sympathy alone  cannot change the lives of his subjects. Upon realizing that through his photographs alone  he was not able to positively affect the lives of his subjects, he, together with Jana Seibert,  established AME in December 2016.

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“Art Meets Education is acutely aware of its responsibility: we help, aide, and support – and  most importantly, for the long run. The project in Manila was the first milestone reached  together with artwork buyers, donors and sponsors. Every year children will be given the chance to finance their education by means of their own creativity. AME has established a  foundation, through which new input is added to this structure on a daily basis. Ultimately, our long-term goal is to expand to other countries, whereby organizing and financing several  parallel projects. It is our goal to have a collection of artworks at different locations in the  world – putting on display the pieces created by the naive and innocent creativity of children  from many nationalities. “

Art Meets Education e.V. is a non-profit organization whose goal is funding the education of  children 100% through the proceeds of their sold photographs. In order to achieve this, Art Meets Education rely on donations, which serve to cover the overhead costs of the organization. This includes  purchasing the photo equipment, printing and framing the photographs, as well as exhibition  expenses. Thus, all donations go towards sustaining the organization, which in turn  guarantees that all proceeds from the sold photographs go towards the funding of the  children’s education. If you like more information concerning the investments of their donation, please feel free to contact them at anytime.

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Today, actor @thomasdrechselofficial came to visit us at the office and looked through the children’s pictures – he absolutely loved them and was amazed that photography was able to finance the education of seven kids. Thanks for your visit, Thomas!? Ten more kids are about to follow. We will present the next 20 works of art from the second project at the beginning of March, stay tuned! ► Take a look at our onlineshop to see the children’s works, link in bio! #myphotographymychance #artmeetseducation #throughtheeyesofachild #manila #olandesmarikina #philippines #charity #school #photography #streetphotography #equalchances #art #education #picoftheday #instadaily #fotografie #throughchildrenseyes #everydayphilippines #highschool #videooftheday #artwithkids #family #friends #analog #getchildrenintoschool #exhibition #fromthestreet #gzsz #youngartists #thomasdrechsel

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