ModaLisboa FW17/18 – #Boundless! Or: Art meets fashion! AWAYTOMARS the clothing community, based in London and Lisbon, unveiled their FW17/18 collection with an art installation during the fashion fest in Portugal. The installation follows its 100% co-created October show, which featured designs submitted by a wide-ranging group of creatives: from a Norfolk-based GCSE student to a Ukrainian artist to figures from the houses of Burberry, COS, Acne Studios among many others. More than 800 people have contributed ideas online for their show. This is the start of a new movement of design, innovation and crowd participation in the fashion industry. It is a testament to the creative power of the collective. Watch the full show below. All photos by Rui Vasco.

AWAYTOMARS is the world’s first 100% user-created fashion brand. Its business model is based on sharing economy principles and aims to open up the fashion industry to all. Founded in 2015, the company outsources the initial stages of the creative process to the general public, allowing them to concentrate solely on the generation of interesting and innovative ideas. AWAYTOMARS receives sketches and ideas online from members of the public and iterates them with the help of its online community to create eye-catching, collaborative fashion. Next, AWAYTOMARS works with technical experts to create physical prototypes, organizes a crowdfunding campaign for each product, oversees the entire production process and finally hosts the finished item on its sales portal.

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