Backstage @ Bas Kosters Spring / Summer 2018

Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam – Designer Bas Kosters opened Amsterdam FW with a spectacle. He unveiled his new Spring / Summer 2018 collection. Our friends Mike Van Der Ent Pasarella and Adriana Van Der Ent went backstage for KALTBLUT at the show. Bas Kosters is renowned for his theatrical designs, in which he often processes confrontational elements of daily life. But as every collection has a name, Kosters’s work always involves a deeper message.

Thus, in his previous collection, he brought love to the world, messaged about the importance of food, but also how banal it pleased us, and was clear in his story about “clowns are people too”, about people protruding themselves as clowns, well know People or the unknown user on social media, being watched – but do they really want to? With his latest collection, Koster has also collaborated with the WNF. A tiger print shirt can be purchased for the benefit of this noble purpose. Is this a way to make fashion take care of the environment or give it a sustainable twist? At the end of the day, one thing remains for sure. With his show, Bas Kosters made a spectacular start to the Amsterdam Fashion Week. A possible step towards forward to a new bloom of this Dutch fashion party.

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