ModaLisboa Curiouser F/W15 – Sangue Novo! I am just back from an amazing new edition of ModaLisboa. I am still flashed by some great and new design from Portugal. ModaLisboa Curiouser is the “emerging talent” showcase known as Sangue Novo what means “New Blood”. And believe me there is a lot of talent in Portugal. Eduarda Abbondanza (President of ModaLisboa), Luís Pereira (CEO Showpress and Director of Casting ModaLisboa) and Pedro Noronha Feio (fashion designer) selected the ten designers for this exciting opportunity to present their designs on the world stage.


Let´s start with the new collection of BANDA! Photographer Fábio Caetano went backstage for KALTBLUT. The two young designers presented a great, young and modern collection. I really like the colourline. Some amazing coats. And from the design point of view it was a highlight during Sangue Novo.


About the collection: “The japanese cinema in the 1950’s provides a look of post-War Japan, immersed in the westernization process, after a largely unsuccessful conflict. While in Kurosawa’s Rashômon we are introduced to a dense cinema style – a real patchwork of characters and their stories (which dazzled the European critics), the charm of Ozu lies lucidity in the way he translates the volatility of the old Japanese traditions under such a crisis of values.


With Lixas-me os Discos, BANDA brings an ironic look towards the cultural conventions and its metamorphosis. The concept blossoms out of the reflection upon our approach over the tacit processes in the creation of such project like this one.
The silhouettes range between structure and fluidity based on a deconstruction process – a reinterpretation of the traditional Japanese costume pieces that is always present.


The materials covers diversity, from the comfortable padded fabrics to synthetic leathers, waterproof and natural fibers, like Brazilian cotton, fine wool or silk.


At last, digital prints create illusory spaces where the viewer winds between the legendary scenes of Kuniyoshi and the courtesan life painted by Kitao Masonabu.”

Shoes: Nelson Oliveira / Earings: Banda featuring TULPA
Photography: Fábio Caetano // @Facebook

ModaLisboa | Lisboa Fashion Week is seen as the most ambitious and well succeeded project in Portuguese Fashion. Created in 1991, ModaLisboa is recognized to be the first Independent Fashion Week, becoming thus pioneer on a world decentralization movement of the fashion market to other capital cities, that begun years later. By continuously working with innovative designers and new concepts, ModaLisboa has reached international prestige, awarded for its communication and design.

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