#ModaLisboa SS16 Timers – Backstage at BANDA. Photography by Fábio Caetano @Trend me too. Designer Tiago Loureiro unveiled his new Spring/Summer collection for 2016 at the Sangue Novo (New Blood) section in Lisbon last Friday. The collection “Cavalo Dado” intentionally recovers certain commonplaces and references and insists on their reinterpretation and transformation. It is about the existent intimacy between man and space, being the latter represented here by the city. It is about rhythm, progress and/or recession. It starts from the premise that the configuration of space has a tremendous impact in sensation, perception and the individual’s state of mind. It ends up analysing metaphorically man’s adaptability.

Banda_SS16_Backstage-24 Banda_SS16_Backstage-29 Banda_SS16_Backstage-32 Banda_SS16_Backstage-38 Banda_SS16_Backstage-41 Banda_SS16_Backstage-46 Banda_SS16_Backstage-90 Banda_SS16_Backstage-112 Banda_SS16_Backstage-118 Banda_SS16_Backstage-123 Banda_SS16_Backstage-127 Banda_SS16_Backstage-156 Banda_SS16_Backstage-201 Banda_SS16_Backstage-202 Banda_SS16_Backstage-258 Banda_SS16_Backstage-262

Openly more luminous, lively and focusing on streetwear, Cavalo Dado aims to work with elements that are more graphic than before, and to address a design repositioning, aimed at creating a more appealing product through the commercial prism. The photos were taken during fittings. Therefore, all the models are makeup free and not yet groomed as it is part of the concept for this collection.


Photography: Fábio Caetano (Trend me too)
Designer: BANDA
Shoes: Nelson Oliveira Footwear
Sunglasses: FORA Sunglasses
BANDA: Tiago Loureiro was born in Lisbon in 1991. He completed his degree in Fashion Design at the University of Beira Interior, and a master’s degree in the same area at FA-UL in Lisbon. He collaborated with brands like ShoesCloset, Lidija Kolovrat and SayMyName. During an internship at Diniz & Cruz Group, he met Aloisio Rodrigues. Together they’ve started the project called BANDA, bringing their cultural and aesthetic references together. Currently, Tiago is the sole designer associated with the brand.

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