Berge – Germany Tour 2012!

German Pop In Perfection!

Berge are a German Pop group. Berge are Marianne Neumann and Rocco Horn. Songwriters/artists/storytellers and pop musicians in perfection. Yes that is Berge. If you are in Germany from September till October you should try to see them live on stage. Cause they are on tour! All tour dates here!

The German duo will present on the tour some older tracks and new work from the upcoming new album. Which will be published in spring 2013. The last single “Meer aus Farben” is a super nice nice song. I can´t stop listen to it. They have produced the new album with the help of the www over Crowdfunding  www.sellaband.de/hoertberge with the help of their friends. In spring 2012 they played moe then 30 concerts from Germany to Russia. If you wanna know more about Berge, check their webpage, facebook and youtube. You can find all the link below.

Tour Dates

28. Sep 2012 Würzburg, Kellerperle
29. Sep 2012 Hannover, GUT e.V.
30. Sep 2012 Aachen, Hotel Europa
01. Okt 2012 Nürnberg, Zabo Linde
02. Okt 2012 Wien (AT), Theater Akzent
04. Okt 2012 Regensburg, Art Club
05. Okt 2012 Konstanz, Bricks
06. Okt 2012 Bremgarten (CH), Stiefelchnächt
07. Okt 2012 Stuttgart, Speakeasy
09. Okt 2012 Potsdam, Waschhaus
10. Okt 2012 Hamburg, Astra Stube
11. Okt 2012 Köln, Lichtung
12. Okt 2012 Magdeburg, Volksbad Buckau
13. Okt 2012 Düsseldorf, FFT





Photos by: Carsten Herwig, Bernhard Musil and Maria Dolecek

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