Berlin! 20–28.01, Stressful Joy: The exposed solitude of an Artist by Stefano De Luccia

ReTramp Art Gallery in Berlin will open a unique exhibition featuring Brazilian artist Stefano De Luccia on January 20th, on view until January 28. Stressful Joy will feature nearly 20 works by De Luccia, including his celebrated big format paintings, as well as sketches and prints done in his last reclusive year.

Stefano De Luccia, also known as Teco, was born in 1986 in the sprawling city of São Paulo, Brasil. His art forms of choice are painting, illustration, linocut and graffiti. Like São Paulo, overflowing with slices of many Brazilian cultures, De Luccia’s art is influenced by a huge range of artistic styles and eras from classical painting including the likes of Caravaggio to modern day illustrations, cartoons, anime and street art. De Luccia recently moved back to Berlin after an initial 3 year stint there back in 2013. He’s focussing on a series of paintings that share a similar thread; dreams and other areas of the subconscious with which we have less contact.

Stressful Joy central theme is “the quest of a joyfully crafted artistic life running on a productive corporately wired brain; flooded with endless blue light screens, punched by an overload of references, numbed by information and distracted by useless selfies of the friend of that person you used to work with.” The look of the gallery will emulate the studio where the artist has being working, living and sleeping. Some, still unframed, canvas will be hung onto the wall with colorful tape, surrounded by sketches and annotations reflecting the arrangement of the real studio.

Retramp is a gallery, studio and project space in Berlin-Neukölln concentrating on experimental art and alternative realities.

WHAT? Stressful Joy at ReTramp Gallery
WHERE? Reuterstrasse 62- Neukölln
WHEN? 20th to 28th January – Opening Friday 19/Jan at 20h
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