Berlin! 21.06.18 – Fête de la Musique x Carbonate at ELSE Open Air

Looking back on the last years of Fête de la Musique @ Else, they’ve got quite a history of legendary open air concerts. This year they’ve decided to present more live acts and bands and expand the program into the „Fête de la Nuit“, the official night-program of this festival.

CYRANOTAURUS CORTEX will warm up with a dj set and play support between the live-acts. You may know him as one of the residents of the renowned VOYAGE VOYAGE event series at WILDE RENATE.


“We start the first live act with BAD STREAM, the guitarist of the famous german punk-rap-emo band FRITTENBUDE. His debut album which just came out, made big waves in the press. His music can be described as future electronica, molded together with vocals, guitars, synth and loads of effects. Smells like some Massive Attack references in there.

The following live act is AFRICAINE 808, one of the projects by DJ NOMAD on VULKANDANCE will appear as a duo live show this time. Their music and edits are a compliment to afro funk at it’s best with a mixture of percussions and acid synths.

We’ve finally added THE/DAS to our main program. A live project around the unique singer Fabi from Ex-Bodi Bill. They started it all at SINNBUS records and are now under the wings of LIFE & DEATH records. Their sound is modern dance music with that emotional touch and dreaminess.

A much sought after contribution is made by the DOLLKRAUT BAND. Amsterdam-based Pascal aka Dollkraut, who is no stranger as a DJ and producer in Berlin, bu this time will be accompanied by his live band.

A symbol of the Berlin music scene is definitely ACID WASHED, the French producer and DJ has his hands in many colaborations and did the support for the international band AIR. He and his partner will open the Fête de la Nuit from 10 pm on with one of their rare live sets. Expect to dance into the night with good vibes.

As usual 22ROCKETS will take over the night control and we will see how far you can go with him. His legendary Fête de la Musique dj sets have last between 8 – 17 hours. Doesn’t matter where you’ve been before, Else will be open the whole night.” #word

☆ EINTRITT FREI (free entry) ☆ 16H – OPEN END ☆

☆ LINE UP // Mixed by CARBONATE – Coke Club Collective ☆

— Fête de la Musique – outdoor /// 16-22 h —

Dollkraut Band – live

The/Das – live

Africaine 808 – live

Bad Stream – live

☆ Cyranotaurus Cortex – dj

— Fête de la Nuit – indoor /// 22-08 h —

Acid Washed (official) – live

22ROCKETS – dj

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