Berlin! 31.05.2018 – Mr. Silla / Vittoria Fleet / Queen Alaska

On the 31st of May, a concert evening will take place in the Kantine am Berghain, which combines three wonderful acts that invite you to dance through various sound spectra with their electronic-spherical songs: Explorative producer Mr. Silla, genre-benders Vittoria Fleet, and eclectic structuralist Queen Alaska take centre stage starting from 19:30. 

Mr. Silla [ICE]

Emerging from her involvement with influential bands such as múm and Mice parade, Sigurlaug Gísladóttir, aka Mr. Silla, has blossomed into a creative force of reckoning. Matched only by a truly honest and evocative stage presence, the musically transcendent ebb and flow of Mr. Silla is as breathtaking as it is life-giving. The often ethereal sonic landscapes explored on her self-titled debut album, released on 12 tónar, is even more proof of what the creative hatchery of Iceland has to offer.

Vittoria Fleet [UK/GER]

Vittoria Fleet is a Berlin-based electronic/pop band which first formed in London in 2009. Over the last nine years the duo, comprised of singer Giada Zerbo (IT) and producer Allan Shotter (UK), has been exploring the contrasting spaces between time and place, analogue and digital, masculinity and femininity, sound and music. Merging beat-driven techno-pop, delicate ambience and singer Giada Zerbo’s ever-present vocals, they created a dualistic space within which the organic and man-made aspects of their music can co-exist.

Queen Alaska [GER]

Composer, producer, vocalist and audiovisual artist Anneli Bentler uses analogue synthesizers, drum machines, vocal cuttings and her fine sense for harmonic structures to bring into being an eclectic landscape of sounds called: Queen Alaska. Her electronic, spherical pop songs have their roots in classical music and score music, which she combines with modern productions, sound design and songwriting.


What? Mr. Silla / Vittoria Fleet / Queen Alaska
Where? Kantine am Berghain, Berlin, Germany
When? 31.05.2018, 19:30 – 23:30

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