Berlin – Fashion Re:evolution is coming October 8th 2017

Alabama Blonde

Last week designers from different parts of the world were ready and set to launch their new collections in Berlin. Until they were confronted with some unforeseen circumstances: suddenly there was no catwalk anymore to show the collection they worked so hard for. Studio Mimik, Eladio Torres and Marco Scaiano decided to step in to give them the event they deserve. This is when Fashion Re:evolution came into existence: a collaboration between creatives, designers, stylists, make-up artists, hairstylists, photographers, volunteers and many more. Help came from all corners and Fashion Re:evolution was born. Sunday 8th October 6 national and international designers will show their new collections.  The two story industrial hall of technoclub Arena Berlin will be transformed into a catwalk you’ve never experienced before.

Wanna join the Fashion Re:evolution?

“We are truly grateful for all the help we got. We want to thank everyone involved so far especially Peppermint Circle for make-up and for Arena Club who was so kind to host this unique event on such short notice.

There will be a sneakpeek of Alabama’s collection at Level Eight in corporation with Jade Helene Designs and Mimik Magazine on 5th of October. Come join us for drinks, music and a chat with the designers.”


Alabama Blonde (Melbourne)

Alabama Blonde is a designer, creative director, musician and artist. Her work lends itself towards an exploration of identity, rituals and human experience. Recently her work has asked the question ‘Can we embed emotion into fabric?’ Articulating the juxtaposition of extreme constriction vs extreme release via an exploration of both materiality and emotion. In her work Alabama hopes to be brave, provocative, poignant and authentic.

Jade Helene (Berlin)

Berlin based designer Jade Helene believes we are all shaped by our thoughts and become what we think; a thought or an idea that stays with you means something.

Marco Scaiano (Berlin)

Marco Scaiano is based in Berlin, creating architectural inspired menswear with unconventional cuts and luxe fabrics. Each collection consists of a singlar colour forming depth through the layered pieces.

Wreckreation (North of England)

Wreckreation creates clothing for Warriors; custom built for the vanguard. Each piece is designed and created at their studio in the North of England and released in limited quantities to ensure the highest quality. Wreckreation is a call to action to rise to ones highest potential: “We are the Architects of our Future. Join us.”


Beijing based womenswear brand MARRKULL is integrating multiculturalism in clothing by innovative deconstruction by paying attention to structural changes in clothing. With special cutting and profile, they express their unique views and perspectives of the society, breaking the limits of gender. They hope to show new youth culture through the expression of conflict and contradiction in clothing, breaking the tradition and expressing themselves.

Yu Lin (Taipei)

Yu Lin’s custom-made designs are mainly fashionable female clothing. Each detail on his wo​rks blends with the spirits of haute couture, such as the concise lines, the dimensional cutting, and the high coordination. Yu Lin highlights the practicability and comforts. And it shows the beauty of elegance and the confidence that the women in the city have.

Michael Pattison (Berlin)

New Zealand born designer & Tailor Michael Pattison and founder of Fusion Factory divides his time between fashion, food and events in his relatively new found habitat, Berlin. The fashion element consists now primarily of tailoring unique pieces for his long time customers and new found fans from around the globe.

What? Where? When?

Date: 8 October 2017

Time: 17.00-22.00

Location: Arena Club Berlin

Entrance: € 3, there is limited space so be on time. There is only door sale.

Shows start at 17.30. Press and photographers can sign at 16.00.

About Fashion Re:evolution

Fashion Re:evolution is founded by Studio Mimik, Eladio Torres Official and Marco Scaiano last week. It’s a collaboration project between creatives, fashion designers, stylists, make-up artists, models and many more. Fashion is our passion. Together we are strong.

Instagramaccount: @fashionreevolution

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