Berlin Fashion Week – Part 1

The fashion circus is in town! Berlin Fashion Week is presenting the new spring/summer 2015 collections and we have a very special guest here at KALTBLUT. London based artist, illutrator and sweetheart Megan-Ruth St Clair Morgan is covering fashion week for us with her amazing art work. Part 1: menswear label DYN and BRACHMANN and Avant-Garde designer Michael Sontag.


DYN presentation MBFWB DYN bfw 2 image image1

A vibrant start to fashion week with DYN, first look brightens the show in an instant with an origami flower built jacket drowning within the greens and blues that filled the colourful tailored collection. Strong tailoring was combined with daring floral prints for men, intricate details within the collection to finish, a colour filled contemporary menswear collection. Awash of greens, blues and browns with the subtle hints of pinks and purple to create a feminine inspired collection but stayed strong to its menswear roots. Text by Megan-Ruth St Clair Morgan



Slick classic tailoring was joined with modern detailing as Brachmann presented their SS15 menswear on the stage at MBFWB, filled with a bruised colour palette of strong burgundy purple and deep navy blue. Strong collar detailing took the show by storm with classic fastenings changed forever, strong wide leg tailored trousers were tailored to perfection. A very classic and tailored show, commercial with an element of bespoke details all round. Text by Megan-Ruth St Clair Morgan



“The designer Michael Sontag sees his work as an entity. Therefore he prefers not to define his fashion as a collection, but rather as his general “work”. Sontag sees his production process as fluent. His new spring sumer collection for 2015 is very clean, simple. A lot of black and white. Very 1990s. I find it a bit boring. And to be honest I have seen it many many times. Not my favourite collection during Berlin Fashion Week.” Marcel Schlutt

About Megan-Ruth St Clair Morgan:

“With the support of her high school art teacher Megan-Ruth was introduced to the world of Fashion Illustration. She won a place on Access to HE (Fashion) at London College of Fashion at the mere age of 16 and is now continuing her studies on BA (Hons) Fashion Illustration. Her work is being continually being published in various magazines. Featured recently on,, Joseph, London Fashion Scout and Graduate Fashion Week(London). As she works to establish herself with an ever growing body of work Megan is appearing as a name on a variety of platforms. Megan now specialises in live fashion illustration for events whilst also continuing her work as a freelance fashion illustrator with affiliations with Paul Smith, Joseph, and Karl Donoghue.”

Contact + Credits:

MRSCM Illustration  – Freelance Fashion Illustrator

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