Berlinale 2015 – Day 8

„Sworn Virgin – Vergine giurata“ by Laura Bispuri! Albania is a patriarchic country with a very special tradition: if a woman wants to stay unmarried, she needs to swear, that she will stay a virgin and is forced to live as a man. Some of them need to foster the family, some are forced to live alone.

And now Laura Bispori made the first feature film about this phenomenon. It’s the story about Mark, who decides after ten years of solitary, that he wants to find his withdrawing sister and break out of this wrong life.


This movie is narrated in silent pictures in the beautiful mountains of Albania or in Milano and has a great soundtrack. Although I think, that the actress Alba Rohrwacher is the hottest gender bender of all times, you really suffer with Mark in his role and the struggles he’s going through, when he meets a guy (Yes, this guy is Lars Eidinger and yayyy: we are allowed to see his penis again.) and just wish him that he will become Hana again. The movie is sometimes a little bit too slow, but if you get over that, you will be overwhelmed by the beauty of the pictures and the little touching moments.

„Die abhandene Welt – The misplaced world“ by Margarethe von Trotta

The unsuccessful singer Sophie gets a weird phone call from her old father: he needs to show her something. It’s a picture of a opera singer, who lives in New York and looks exactly like her mother, who died a year ago. He forces her to travel to New York and meeting her. The Diva Caterina is cold as ice and denies any conversation about her past or mother. But more and more the ice melts and uncovers  a big mystery.


The story gets weirder every moment, although fascinating. Some dialogues are pretty funny, but I’m still not sure, if it’s von Trotta’s intention? I mean, all those boxes with letters…? You also really shouldn’t hate Katja Riemann: she sings a lot. Nevertheless she’s really charming. This work is very personal, Margarethe von Trotta also discovered a secret in her family.


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