Blogfabrik´s Content Creation Week 2017 – 11 – 14 / Sep

Berlin! Save the date for the very first Blogfabrik Content Creation Week 2017 from 11th – 14th September. Berlin ’s Blogfabrik will demonstrate why it’s considered a center of excellence for content creation, marketing and distribution. In 24 workshops , well – known influencers like im gegenteil , NOTES OF BERLIN and Vreni Frost will give insights into the world of digital content. At the heart of the conference lie questions like how is good content created and what makes digital content successful ? Together with those participating in the workshops, Blogfabrik’s network will answer these questions and open up a dialogue about false approaches, success stories and best practice strategies. Get your tickets HERE!

Blogfabrik’s launch of such a week is a no – brainer: knowledge from various areas of digit al content production has been gathered under the Blogfabrik umbrella since 2015. You can find content here from well – known blogs and magazines such as NOTES OF BERLIN , iheartb , , TONSPION or KALTBLUT Magazine . Also on board are viral Instagrammers like alexberlinetta or social critic vloggers like Tariks Genderkrise , as well as freelance photographers and journalists.

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As part of the Content Creation Week, these influencers will share their skills and experiences with the public: those hungry to learn more can master the tricks of the trade in over 24 practical workshops , including one solving the mystery of crafting compelling headlines , a crash course in SEO and a workshop teaching participants how to accumulate more Instagram followers without cheap tricks or advertising. In the free supporting program, numerous lightning talks and discussion sessions will take place i n which lecturers discuss where the industry is currently at and challenges it faces. The program’s content is primarily aimed at communication and marketing managers, agency employees and aspiring bloggers.

KALTBLUT Magazine is hosting the workshop: “Creating an Advertorial – Advertising in the Blogging Scene” on the 13.09.2017 & 14.09.2017 from 11h till 17h. It’s a two day workshop. Infos & Tickets

The aim of the highly practice – oriented workshops is to provide participants with the strategies and tools that they can apply easily and directly to their own work. The framework program will give participants the opportunity to get inspired and network.

Our content creators are truly multi – talented : they don’t just create supremely clickable content, they’re also sales professionals and social media nerds, shoot great photos and develop creative campaigns – They’re up to date with the best strategies, how to succeed with or without a big bud get, on the internet. We’re confident that established companies can also benefit from this expertise and are delighted for the opportunity to share our knowledge.

explains Blogfabrik CEO Volker Zanetti

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