A body bodies: visual exercises on the materiality of things by Andrea Avidad

Andrea Avidad is a Media and Culture researcher, practitioner, and teacher based in New York City. She is interested in the intersections between theory and praxis, particularly when it comes to moving images. For this serie, she works with her friend Ezra Whyde as model.

“It is somewhat hard to describe myself as a ‘photographer’, for I invest most of my time in academia (I got to The New School, a university which is commonly known for one of its departments: Parsons). However, when too much reading and writing conquer most of my time, I do have the need for creating something (of course, writing is creation, but I mostly write about film theory, so there’s not a lot of room to experiment). That’s why I got a medium format camera. It is important for me to engage in a process in which I really have to look at the ‘object’ I’m trying to capture. Likewise, I couldn’t do without the materiality of film itself. I don’t think I’m talking about a certain ‘nostalgia’ for the past, quite on the contrary, I believe it refers more to remembering that we are all corporeal beings, and that very corporeality has a great force in the ways we engage with the world. “

“My model is a good friend, his name is Ezra Whyde. He is getting his MA degree in Social Work. This shoot happened spontaneously one Sunday at my studio in Hoboken, New Jersey (Manhattan and Brooklyn are so expensive!). I have a need to see textures, to almost ‘touch’ them in images. Perhaps that’s another reason why I’m not so interested in digital, I feel like it ‘flattens’ out that haptic quality that film embodies. I don’t retouch any images, I don’t ‘correct’ things. This is not a moralistic statement, it is just a way of doing. “


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