Bodyboundstudio Spring / Summer 2018 – We Shall Not Wilt

#LondonFashionWeekMen´s – Bodyboundstudio unveiled its new Spring / Summer 2018 collection in London. Photographer Lisa Jureczko went for KALTBLUT to the catwalk show. Kim Champion and Pliny Wilkins, the duo behind Bodybound, have somehow managed to show us the 70s in a different light, and leave a political taste in our mouths. In the year of the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love and the flower-power revolution, this salon presentation titled We Shall Not Wilt is a modern yet nostalgic statement. 


Lisa Jureczko

Designer / Brand:


Styling @wayperry_edit

Makeup @adamdecruz @cosmetics27

Hair @philipp_haug @toniandguyworld @labelmuk

Casting @nataliemoneoe |

Production: @blonsteinproductions

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