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Berlin Music Week is super french this year. Our own Nicolas went last night to a concert just with bands from his home country. We also had a big interview with Brigitte. We are sooo french today. That we would like to share the new Chic Schnack sampler with you. 14 bands from France. All for free. For the next 2 month you can download the sample at Amazone.com

September 2012 more than 25 artists who stand with a French label under contract will appear at Berlin Music Week, to the Discover pop festival and the Reeperbahn festival. Here you can hear an exclusive compilation of these artists. Moreover, here can find out, when these artists appear in Germany, so that you miss none of these exciting Acts.

Chic Schnack is the new, from office export to brought to life, on-line platform for French music in Germany. There you find information about new artists, concerts, albums and ticket raffles and still even more.

1. Brigitte

Brigitte, these are the two French women Sylvie Hoarau and Aurélie Saada. Their band name is a tribute to the famous “Brigittes”, which France has produced – the Bardot, singer or actress Brigitte Fontaine Brigitte Lahaie, Brigitte are famous women and there are many. The hit single of the Parisian duo “Battez-vous” is super catchy and the accompanying album “Et vous, tu m’aimes?” Sold more than 140 000 times.

21.09.12 – Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg – Angies Night Club

2. Mai Lans

Mai Lans single “Easy” is indicative of the character of the young French woman, easy-going pop interpreted, with a lot of heart and joy. Her soon appearing album is full of them, she decorate it with her great musical background: A very diverse album from pop to folk peppered with electronic influences.

20.09.12 – 20:45 – Discover Pop Festival, Berlin – Maschinenhaus
22.09.12 – Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg – Jazz Café


In Swahili, the word Imany means hope and faith: Both have the young artist, with a talent for songwriting, brought so far forward. Having grown up with the music of Tracy Chapman, Marvin Gaye, Tina Turner, and Billie Holiday, she lived for seven years in the U.S., before returning to France and began her career. With their folky, soulful rock songs and also makes its name: It gives hope and confidence to their listeners.

4. Greenshape

From pubs to music recording contract and without any detours. After Green Shape had the contract in his pocket, he traveled to Malmo, Sweden to meet with Tore Johansson (Franz Ferdinand, the Cardigans, …) record his first album: The result: great songs with top quality and Green Shape, a great discovery,  you should definitely keep in your mind.

21.09.12 – 20:45 – Discover Pop Festival, Berlin – Maschinenhaus

and many more….








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