Christian Cowan Fall / Winter 2018 – An Interview

#NewYorkFashionWeek. Designer Christian Cowan unveiled his new Fall / Winter 2018 collection in New York. Our friends from Studio183 went for KALTBLUT to the runway show to have a closer look on the new collection and backstage. All photos by Mark Hunt a Berlin based Film maker & Photographer, Co founder of @studio183_berlin. Text and interview by Katrina M. Ryback, STUDIO183.

Opulent and bedazzling, this is what the young British designer Christian Cowan is all about!
With a star-studded runway including Alexa Chung and Remy Ma in the front row, Christian’s maximalist aesthetic had everyone in awe of Cowan’s fierce and cunning collection, integrating 14-karat gold party hats and glow-sticker-holder necklaces. The fun factor was maxed with the ravishing finale complimented by Nena’s original classic 99 Luftballons.

Catching up with Christian backstage, we chatted to him about Amy Winehouse, having fun and the death of fur.

Christian, what is the inspiration for your AW18 collection?

This season the inspiration is based on a quote, it’s the one by Amy Winehouse, “whenever I sing, I want people to escape their problems and forget about their problems for 3 ½ minutes”. And I thought, this is so poetic and lovely – and I was like, I want this in a collection! I mean we are in an intense time, there is a lot going on. And I just want people to have a good time! Also, for me, it’s also about empowering women. I don’t want women to feel like they must hide away from it all or anything like that. I just want women to feel happy and confident in my clothes!

I love when I do fittings with models they’re always like “I feel so powerful and fierce” and that’s what I am all about.

Can you please tell us a bit about the materials you have worked with?

I often in the past used this glitter coated canvas, this was my go-to, and for this season it’s about becoming a lot more wearable, while maintaining this wild aesthetic. So there’s a lot of sequins – mainly sequins and Swarovski crystals. No more FUR. It’s fur free from now on, it’s all faux fur. I think fur needs to go. It’s old and it will seem like a relic of the past soon, I hope.

I have done prints for the first time, I’ve done jewelry for the first time! It’s a lot of a larger undertaking than last time.

Fabulous! And is this your first NYFW?

No, it’s my third – my first one was this time last year. There’s a world of difference between that show and this show.

Are you excited for the show?

I’m very excited! I am ready to go! I am so excited to show everyone what I have been working on!


Text and interview by Katrina M. Ryback, STUDIO183
All photos by Mark Hunt a Berlin based Film maker & Photographer, Co founder of @studio183_berlin

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