Collection 3 Teaser #01/ Fall 2012!

Missed me?!

Berlin, September 1st 2012. “Missed me” is the first out of 3 clips for our third Collection. The theme for number 3: ICONICAL. More then 400 pages focused on icons. Collection 3 will be published Fall 2012. The video is directed by Berenice V. Starring: Kiki Béguin, burlesque performer. Music by Rougemarine. Like it? Share it!


Berenice V – Photographer and film maker:

She starts very early drawing and painting. At seventeen she discovers Nobuyoshi Araki photography. The theme: kinbaku, better known in Europe as “bondage”. She’s so fascinated that she borrows her father’s ropes – he’s a mountain rescuer – and starts training on her younger sister. She uses her old mother’s reflex, junk spotlights, a black piece of sheet and tries to catch light and shadows on naked skin. As she really means to be an artist, she leaves the Pyrenees, and studies at Marseille Beaux Arts School. After a short stay in Toulouse, she decides to move to Paris, THE place to be, and becomes a … photographer.

Collection 3 Teaser  #01/ Fall 2012!

Collection 3 will be online Fall 2012


KALTBLUT Magazine Teaser for Collection 3
Theme: ICONICAL Online: Fall 2012

Video from the presentation of the new show of Kiki Béguin, burlesque performer.
Directed by: Berenice V. berenice-v.com
Featuring: Kiki Béguin and Antoine Garnier
Styling/Wardrobe: Jackie Tadéoni
Chorégraphy: Kiki Béguin
Hair and make-up: Mathilde Passeri
Camera and lenses: Canon
Montage, Compositing and ColorGrading: Berenice V.
Music by “Rougemarine”
track – “Make My Heart To Beat”

KALTBLUT Magazine Berlin 2012


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