Collection AQUO by accessories designer Ivana Kanovska

Photography by Eliška Kyselková. Model is Terezie Kovalová @Mango Models. Make up, hair and body painting by Renee Vidourkova. Ivana Kaňovská, currently based in Prague, is a bold designer talent in the Czech fashion scene. Graduate of Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava she has recently finished her post-gradual studies of fashion design. Since her early childhood Kaňovská has been dedicated to studies of arts, crafts and sculpture. Her current collections reflect the know-how and skills acquired during those many years. Kaňovská attracted interest of wide public and media in 2012 with her pilot collection Tension representing dresses with character of object and conceptual art with appeal to contemporary trend of synergy between design, fashion and technology. Strong vision is always a corner stone of her collections, its inspiration and guide of its story. And those strong stories and flawless processing and finish are the signature style of Kaňovská’s collections sought after by renowned stylists, directors of significant design events, video clips or advertising spots. Kaňovská is currently focused on the creative blend of fashion design and augmented reality bringing new perspective in to presentation and perception of fashion. Together with her own creative team she is interweaving unconventional symbiosis of design and top-class craft with computermade virtual scene and creates original audiovisual presentation of her collections.


Collection AQUO shoot by the very talented Eliška Kyselková, presents a set of original polished iron headpieces with “iron body accessories” typical for Kaňovská’s work. The collection is inspired by the exotic novel Jumaroro depicting a story from mythical tribe of Amazon jungle and represents a sort of ‘fragile pantheon’ in humans appearance and aiming its attention to abnormally developed human’s senses.

designer Ivana Kaňovská

photography Eliška Kyselková

makeup, hair and bodypainting Renee Vidourkova

model Terezie Kovalová @Mango

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