Shirt - H&M

A KALTBLUT exclusive menswear editorial from Poland. Photograpahy by Lucas Augusciak. Model is Damian Galkowski signed at Panda Models. Styled by Krystian Sierszynski using fashion by Asics, Pull&Bear, Bershka, H&M amongst others. “I’m a 27-year-old photographer from Poland, I make fashion photographs for three years now, and I mostly like dark, underexposed images with unnatural colors, and unnatural posing. I always let model be themselfs, I like to capture people not saying much, not to interfere what they doing, giving just simple tips. ” says the photographer. 

Suit – Zara

Shirt – H&M, Jacket – COS, Pants – COS

Blouse – COS, Coat – Bershka

Coat – Zara

Shirt – H&M

Shirt – H&M, Pants – Zara

Coat – Zara, Shoes – Asics

Suit – Zara, Shoes – Pull&Bear

Photograpahy by Lucas Augusciak / Instagram @lukasz.augusciak
Model is Damian Galkowski signed at Panda Models / Instagram @gala779 @panda_models
Stylist is Krystian Sierszynski / Instagram @krystian_si

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