Double Beauty – Double Vision!

Photography by Rostislav Brenych!

Double Beauty – Double Vision! A menswear editorial photographed by Ukraine based artist Rostislav Brenych! Styled by Dima von Davids. Models are Orest Dvorakevych and Yaroslav Dvorakevych. Two brothers: each is a mirror for the other, but also an individual and independent person. Their looks constitutes a new level of beauty and a glimpse into the aesthetics of the future.

This narrative of twins represents a unique opportunity to attempt understanding duality. Their likeness to one another contrasted with the differences between them stimulate our imagination and allow new insights. Their fascinating appearance evokes surreal emotions and understanding of something that can only be called uncanny which we cannot experience in the everyday life, even though we have a strong subconscious desire for that. This makes the editorial especially magnetic.


Photographer: Rostislav Brenych
Stylist: Dima von Davids
Models: Orest Dvorakevych, Yaroslav Dvorakevych
Hair artist: Natalya Truskavetska
Make-up artist: Dana Dozorska
Embroidered jewelry designer: Natalya Uhryn

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