Educate Your Ears: JPTR

What you see is what you get with Zurich-based duo JPTR. The visceral self proclaimed art collective don’t find the need to tart up their sound with overly stylised videos and promotional gimmicks. Instead they rely on their strongest assets: vocals and drums. Call them the “no frills” of the industry if you will. To hammer home these simple facts, we have a video exclusive of KIU and IKARU performing a live medley of songs taken from their recently released self-titled LP (out now on Mouthwatering Records), alongside a personal dissection of 3 stand-out tracks.

“Boyfriend is about a girl trying to convince her boy to switch roles in the bedroom – aka pegging. The song is very cheerful and fun – it plays off a typical pop cliché: talk about dancing when you’re in fact talking about sex and it’s got an innocent vibe. It’s like with Cindy Lauper’s “She Bop” – people love to sing along without realising it’s about masturbation – especially in non English speaking countries. It’s a fantasy of ours that people would play the song at their weddings, as the chorus goes: “say you do, say you do” and thus asking their spouses to fuck them in the ass with a strap-on. ?”

“The title says it all, it’s a song about polyamory – more is more. None of us live polyamorous, but the idea of a more fluid understanding of relationships is intriguing. The lyrics are about changing the physical state of matter from solid to liquid.”

“Marquise de Pompadour was the chief mistress of king Louis XV and a patron of philosophers of the Enlightenment, like Voltaire. We had this brief period last year where we got kind of obsessed with the Enlightenment and Voltaire – the song Transformers talks about another historical figure of that time, Emilie du Chatelet. Pompadour is about freedom of speech and the tendencies of our time to evade discussion with people we don’t agree with, rather than facing them.”


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15.04.2017: ZAK, Jona
10.-13.05.2017: Jazzfestival Schaffhausen 2017, Schaffhausen
21.05.2017: Bee-Flat im Progr, Bern
09.06.2017: Unknown venue, Zürich
15.07.2017: Unknown venue, Biel



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