Elena Helfrecht

Elena Helfrecht was born in Bavaria, Germany, 1992. Since early childhood she has developed a passion for art, which began with drawing and ended in photography. Elena learned to draw at the school of Zoula Fürst for two years. There she was taught the basics of drawing and painting, including composition, proportions and colouring. As a photographer she is completely self-educated.  She is influenced by several artists and eras she adores very much. With her art she expresses inner worlds and spiritual abysses. She doesn’t set value of anyone following her intentions as her only goal is to evoke emotions and thoughts in the beholder. Different perspectives is what fascinates her most about art. Since 2011 Elena studies History of Arts and Book Sciences in Germany. She dreams of being a curator and helping other great artists to reach out.

“Basically I want to play with expectations. I want to direct the beholder to a certain expectation and completely destroy it in the last picture. We always sexualize, wether we want it or not. This is a try to imagine an anonymous pure human being where only the essence matters – which is not visible. Love is a chemical thing. I wonder if we could love without being sexual.”





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