Exhibition MILLIONAIRES CAN BE TRANS* // YOU ARE SO BRAVE at Schwules Museum

Berlin, 20 May – 18 September 2016! Today starts a new exhibition at the Schwules Museum, focussing ironically on a modern term: Trans* celebrities in the mainstream. We all remember the big hype about Caitlyn Jenner, born as Bruce Jenner and step father of the Kardashians who finally changed her sex in public, observed by cameras.  It’s great that a story like this enters the mainstream, unfortunately that point of view is very heteronormative.



MILLIONAIRES CAN BE TRANS* // YOU ARE SO BRAVE shows all the facets of the life of Trans* people: the desire, the fetishization and the the pathological desexualization.
It also features the history of trans* and gender non-conformity since the Neolithic era.
The curators are all trans* and gender non-confirming people who choose the work from an open call, so they diversity is as big as possible.

Visit the opening in the museum of our hearts and enjoy the various performances and artworks and party on at the HOT TOPIC after show party at the SchwuZ this friday!


Curators: Alex Alvina Chamberland, Mylo Dylan, Ruvel Kowalevsky, Neda Sanai, Henri Geets, Vince Tillotson – Visual Design: Stef Morgner   – Historian: Finn Ballard
Artworks by: Neelu Bhuman, Loren Britton, Alex Alvina Chamberland, Farimah, Helle Grøndahl, Juliana Huxtable, Jamezie, Jess MacCormack & Alexus Young, MagdaTheGreat, Pol Merchan, Manu Mojito, Stef Morgner, Noah Rieser, Olivia Sparrow, Josh Hoenes & Tomka Weiß



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