Fashion Film Premiere: Christelle Noel Spring/Summer 2018 – VHS CLUB

VHS Club: Christelle Noel’s new collection brought to life by Clementine Decremps. For the third time now, the two friends teamed up to imagine a world that is not afraid of fake plants or colourful neon lights, a world where people deal spangles and dance under umbrellas made of leaves. Season after season, the young Parisian designer polishes her approach of devising meticulously embroidered patterns of beads and sequins. This year, her unique picturesque pieces come straight out of a cellar full of VHS cassettes.

Let’s get this party started! Fancy a spangle?


Crédits :
Christelle Noel Handmade / @Facebook / Instagram: @christelle_noel
Video directed by Clementine Decremps
Produced by Instant Waves Media
Models: Mercedes Marwood, Christopher Bullen, Chez Amelie, Ella Schäfer, Margot Graziani, Valentin Plessy
DOP Cyprien Leduc
H&MU Alex Costa
Producer Mehdi Messouci, PA Theo Perrot, Elsa Triquet Rey, Jules Chatillon
Set-design by Christelle Noel, Clementine Decremps with the kind help of Jules Chatillon and Margot Graziani
Editing Clementine Decremps
Grading and VFX by Nicolas Giraldon at MI-MC
Music by Il est Vilaine made at Studio Coloritmo @Facebook
Shot in Berlin

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