Flight 94 A/W 2017 Collection “Abomination”

Introducing the new A/W 2017 Collection “Abomination” from fashion brand Flight 94. Every piece in this collection has its own story on why it was created. This collection is basically a combination of what came out of Heartbreak, Mad Max films, And the recreation of the brand. “I wanted to reinvent Flight 94 this time around starting with a new logo and go back to my roots on when I was only screen printing/embroidering the designs which is where the two toned hoodie came from.” At the age of 16, Larry Greer decided to put together his love for drawing and fashion together to create the brand you see today . “Flight” means to never give up on your dreams no matter what anyone says to you take flight and achieve your goals. The “94” stands for 1994 the year Larry was born. Flight 94 focuses on showcasing ready to wear cut and sew collections with street wear sensibilities. 

“My name Larry Greer, Im a 23 year old young designer and entrepreneur from Saint Louis, MO in the United States. At the young age of 8 I knew that I wanted to work for myself and create something he could be proud of along with leaving my mark in the world. It all started out at the age of 16 in 2010. I love drawing and I love fashion.I tried to start a manga comic but it didn’t work out. Then I tried to draw for Nike but I found out that it would be hard to try to get them to accept my work. It wasn’t until July 10,2016 when my uncle was murdered in St. Louis when I started to take the idea of what I wanted to do with my life seriously. I went to Chicago for the summer to stay with my other uncle and on the way there a idea came to me. That idea was my brand Flight 94. The word “Flight” means through tragedy follow your dreams and continue to strive for greatness. The “94” stands for the year I was born 1994. I started off screen printing always longing for the day I would actually be able to make cut and sew pieces. Im self taught and never went to school for being a fashion designer.

The market in St.Louis wasn’t that big when I started creating clothes that October. I learned along the way learning from clothing boutique owners I met and interviews from the ones on top( kind of what I do today). Through the tragedy of my uncles death I was able to turn something bad into something positive. I want to remain to create unique different pieces in every collection I make. Creating my brand has allowed me to be thankful for all I have and to help out the less fortunate by giving back every summer and winter with my friends. Since the start of my brand in 2010 I had to drop out of taking college courses at 18 to get two jobs in order to pay for my trademark. I now make timeless cut and sew pieces pricing them at affordable rates for the world, have over 2+ collections under my belt, been in multiple stores and fashion shows, and I even had NFL players, Rap/R&B artist such as Tory Lanez, and a very known NYC DJ( Dj Envy from the breakfast club) wear pieces from my brand. This is just the beginning for Flight 94. Im now working on my S/S 2018 collection now” says the designer.  www.f94clothing.com

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