Groping, a photographic reflection on Self and Intimacy by Vasiliki Sandali

Vasiliki Sandali is an artist based in Athens, Greece. She is an amateur photographer and she is experimenting to anthropocentric photography, to landscapes and experience photography. In 2017 she participated in the photography and video art exhibition “Μy gender, Μyself” organized by Photography Center of Thessaloniki with her project “Groping”and with the same project she participated to Satellite Exhibition of Athens Photo Festival, in June of 2017.

“Self, intimacy, reflexivity….In this series of photographs I am exploring various themes revolving around the Self. The headless self-portraits located within my most intimate space and objects are trying to observe me from afar and, at the same time, trace my inner world; to grope at myself, at my feelings, my body and its sexuality, my vulnerabilities. Through this photographic introspection I am reflecting upon time and the fear of death, the distortions of the soul, about my internal sounds and conflicts. While this is an attempt to detect my inner self, it also represents my drive for an atonement delivered through imagery.”


Instagram: @vasiliki_sandali_photos

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