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Musician, songwriter and producer Heidi Harris came up a couple of weeks ago with her new album ” In The Lee “. For me one of the first masterpieces in 2012. In the tradtion of Kate Bush, Suzan Vega .. Go and buy it. KALTBLUT had a little chat wit Miss Heidi Harris.


KALTBLUT: I spend the last day listining to your album: In The Lee ! And i have to say: I LOVE IT! It is so beautyful, quiet and touching. tell us something about it. Did you wrote the songs by yourself? How long did you worked on it?

Heidi: First of all, thank you! I’m so happy to know you enjoy it. I wrote, recorded and performed all songs myself for this album. I have worked with fantastic musicians in the past and I’ve recorded wonderful collaborations for other albums I’ve done but I wanted to create something completely on my own for “In the Lee”. This album took me about 6 months in total to complete.

KALTBLUT: My favourite track is: Quietly. Which song is your favourite? Or do you like them all?

Heidi: Aw, thank you. I think Quietly is my favorite song too!… funny thing about that song is that I almost left it off the album… it’s a very personal song to me and I was worried that I hadn’t recorded it properly… I had it up on soundcloud to test it out but then I set it to private so no-one could hear it and took it off the album at the last minute!… but the day I released my album… somehow “Quietly” became public again on soundcloud, I have no idea how this happened!… and people were leaving comments and enjoying it. I took this as a sign to put it back onto the album and now when I listen to it, I’m happy I kept it within the collection… it really is an important part of “In the Lee” for me and at this point I think the album would not seem complete without it.

KALTBLUT: You and your music are new to me. So tell me: Who is Heidi Harris? Since when do you do music?

Heidi Harris Photo 2Heidi: I’ve been writing and playing music as long as I can remember (since at least the age of 7)… I started out on the piano and clarinet but now I enjoy playing many different instruments… I sort of can’t get enough of trying out a new instrument. I’m not a traditional artist and that sometimes makes things a little harder for me but lately I think I’ve really been finding my own voice and people seem to enjoy what I put out! I enjoy creating visual works too and I almost always create a video for every song I’ve worked on. I like to use old found footage and collage it together for my songs, or I’ll film myself or just the scenery around me. My videos can be found HERE. I went to audio school in NY a bit ago (The Institute of Audio Research) I did this so that I would be able to do recordings myself and not have to rely on a studio or a producer to create what I had in mind… altho someday I’d like to find a producer who understands my sound and perhaps record a “studio” album with the help of other professionals in the music industry.

KALTBLUT: Are there any artist in the world , you would say: they are my heros? And if so, who and why?

Heidi: Oh yes! I have a lot of musical “heros”, for sure! I will start with my very first major influences which would be Bjork, Kate Bush, Tori Amos and Ani Difranco. After those artists, I became fascinated with more avant garde works such as John Cage, Margaret Leng Tan, Arthur Russel, Robert Wyatt and Luc Ferri. I’ve very recently been influenced and inspired by artists such as Darius Greene, Soley, Tune~Yards, Josephine Foster, Peggy Sue, Plinth, Orion Rigel Domisse and many others… all of these artists inspire me in many different ways and it would be very difficult for me to explain just how they inspire me but put simply, the music created by these musicians is a comfort to me… as if the music they write is a way to listen to natures voice and also to hear the magic around us speak! The work they create means the world to me.

KALTBLUT: 2012 just started. What are your dreams and plans for 2012?

Heidi: Well, I dream of getting a little better at my newest instrument, the electric cello! I also dream of perhaps getting signed to a label and finding a way to create a studio album with a producer and perhaps some studio musicians to play some extra bells and whistles, to spice it up and create a very big album! I dream of touring over seas too (I’ve only been as far as Canada so I’d like to travel and what better reason to travel then to play music!)… I also dream of becoming a better tap dancer!

KALTBLUT: Where can we see you live on stage next? Any gigs are coming?

Heidi: I have a show coming up very soon! I’ll be playing at one of my favorite venues in Brooklyn, Pete’s Candy Store on Jan. 8th at 9:30pm. the even link via facebook is here: http://www.facebook.com/events/104327573020220/

KALTBLUT: Thank you very much for your little masterpiece of music!!!!! Have a good new year! Marcel

Heidi: A HAPPY New Year to KALTBLUT and to you, Marcel!! Heidi



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