In-Nature by Francesco Cavicchioli

Francesco Cavicchioli is an Italian photographer based in Modena. In-NATURE is a cathartic mission to reclaim oneself as righteous and valid and proudly part of this planet.

“We, as LGBTQ people, had to fight and to deal with one of the most un-human labels; the powers that be have strategically sought to rid us of our rights, life, and existence, all stemming from one word and label: “unnatural”.

We are ALL made of the same exact organic material, no matter what your sexual orientation is like, we, human beings, are ALL equally unnatural and natural.

In these works, I refuse the word “unnatural”.  I used my subjects and process to present images (via layering) to present homo-aesthetics and sensuality in the most natural thing on Earth. The earth itself, the ground, the trees; nature.  in-NATURE was photographed in places from my childhood.

The very same places where I’ve been happy as a kid and the same places where I wet the ground with my tears when listening to the adult’s speeches, condemning me and my being; us.

Internalized stigma creeps in very quickly as a child, especially when you feel alone, no sense of belonging or community, in fact, I started to feel UNNATURAL, an ABOMINATION. In these works, I reference the boy, the son, the playground, the cruising area, the lover and the man.”

IN-NATURE was first published on an Art Gallery, Balaclava.Q.



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