Introducing: Bola .Omen. Collection

#Campaign – Past, Present, Future. Omen. Ola Bajer, the founder and designer of the Bola brand, presents the final installment of her fashion trilogy devoted to the three time frames and divided into three independent but complementary collections of both personal and emotional nature. The first one, called “.draumen.” is devoted to the past and dreams, which is what the subconscious mind creates from past experiences. The second one, called “Hollow”, is dedicated to the present and the way the individual deals with the creative process, as well as with the constant search for inspiration. The third collection, which wraps up this artistic and fashion triptych, is called “Omen”. Designed for the Fall/Winter of 2017, it offers a soothsaying-like foresight into the future of professional and personal life of the designer.

In all her collections, Ola Bajer smoothly and nonchalantly mixes a variety of aesthetics, from alternative to a sport-like one, while giving her customers the freedom of individual interpretations of her designs. Every season of the Bola brand is characterized by a unique detail – aesthetic treatment which serves as a unique signature of the artist-designer. In her latest collection called “Omen,” the main theme is based on graphic designs known from “Hollow”, which depict tangled lines (based on photos taken by the designer) that were subjected to multiplication, thus creating new abstract images in the form of overprints and the original knitwear. Of course, the collections also uses new motives, such as fingers reaching towards the gradient light, which refers to the idea of the future, a smooth transition from one stage of life to the next. The color scheme of the collection is based on different shades of black, additionally underscored by a variety of textures of different materials. The dark tones are illuminated by azure and blue, which, along with the subsequent projects, obscure more and more surface of the clothing, until they entirely cover all the black areas, giving the spotlight to other colors – pink and yellow, which together symbolize the optimistic outlook for the future. The collection also includes a styling novelty – “full body sets”, or sets of clothes, with the same graphic theme printed over everything, from socks to long gloves.

There are an original interpretation of the idea of a camouflage, while at the same offering an unusual mix of elegance, sport and street fashion. The other innovation is the detail which refers to nightlife, clubbing culture and festivals, as there are special “tunnels” sewn into some clothes, where one can slip in the so-called “glow sticks” – gadgets typically associated with partying. This element also symbolically refers to the main inspiration for the “Omen” collection: it is a light seen in darkness – a ray of hope. The runway styling is complemented by the notebooks known from the “.draumen” collection, obviously covered with the original print (this time also in an enormous A3 format), which were created for planning the future. The collage photo session, which complements this project, was prepared by Kuba Bors, representing a young generation of photographers. Bio: Ola Bajer – fashion designer and artist born in 1985, graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. Her diploma received honorable mention in the competition for the best diploma of the fine arts academies in Poland.

She also graduated from Cracow School of Fashion Design and International School of Fashion and Costume Design in Warsaw. The Bola brand, for which the idea came from the need to combine art and fashion, was created in 2009. Her collections have been presented in Poland and abroad, including during Warsaw Fashion Street, six editions of Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland, Fashion Clash Maastricht, Exit Festival and Cracow Fashion Week. The characteristic feature of her collections is the attention to detail, as well as original graphics and design solutions. She regularly designs seasonal collections, capsule and special collections, unique costumes for music stars and prepares clothes as per individual orders.

foto: Jakub Bors – style: Mateusz Kołtunowicz
hair: Kamil Pecka / Jaga Hupało born to create
mua : Kamila Jankowska – models : Grzegorz Kłębek Embassy Models / Gabi Papińska
production: Filip Krupa
shoes : Nike / Vagabond

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