Introducing: Nika Ravnik – MTLHRT_S Spring / Summer 2018

#Campaign: Nika Ravnik is a Slovenian designer. She finds inspiration in personal life, in odd things that catch her attention. The ethos of her design is sustainably oriented, both, in designing by the “zero-waste” principle, as well as in the creation of “one-size-fits-all” clothing. In Nika Ravnik’s world the lead story revolves around the colours, textures and details, upgraded by the geometric forms. By amplifying and manipulating concrete details of some inspiration, her creations become an authentic language that sometimes needs translation first to understand what is the concept behind. Her design is defined as multifunctional minimalism, combining avant-garde simplicity with artistic craftsmanship, tender provocation and timelessness. Photography by Ada Hamza. Model is Maja Mihelič. Shoes: United Nude.

Life Has No Shape at All. It’s Just One Thing After Another.” Moon Diagrams
The collection ‘MTLHRT_S’ reflects the waves of life and relationships, trying to put into shapes with colourful geometric fragments playing around. It consists of 10 outfits made of organic cotton with the agender feeling.


Clothing: Nika Ravnik / / IG: @nika_ravnik
Photography: Ada Hamza
Model: Maja Mihelič
Shoes: United Nude
Jewellery: Neža Žehelj
Location: Nina Mršnik

instagram: @nika_ravnik

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