Analog photographer Nikki Greene captures the experimental textures of Anna Hieronymus’ latest collection against the backdrop of an opalescent dreamscape. This exclusive editorial features the conceptual, unisex sportswear and accessories handmade in Berlin and NYC by Anna Hieronymus. Conceived in Berlin, and launched in NYC, Hieronymus draws design inspiration from interweaving elements of art, philosophy, and underground music and culture. Hieronymus presents a playful take on sportswear design through fabric manipulation techniques, sporty silhouettes, and experimental materials. Juxtaposing the gentle mesh textures of each piece, prop stylist Marissa Herrmann creates an opalescent dreamscape which analog photographer Nikki Greene explores through the lens of her camera. The effect is a simple yet beautiful harmony of their three crafts combined – the collaborative vision of a talented group of New York artists.

Taking her design inspiration from all around the world the line taps into the energy of modern urbanites; tying together interests in science, art, and emotion. Reflected in the photographic composition, this collection focuses on layers by laying materials to create the moire pattern as well as varying textures and opacities. Designed with movement in mind, the ethereal nature of the world in which model Stefany Lazar is set enhances the honesty of Hieronymus’ innovative pieces: infinitely wearable, unique and unostentatious. The clean face aesthetic in the editorial compliments the sleekness and easy nature of the sportswear.

My style of womenswear design has a tomboy influence, and the garments all work on a unisex level. I wanted to elevate the idea of sportswear, and oversized garments. I design with the idea of mobility in mind, being able to comfortably move through the different needs of one’s day, whilst still making an effortless statement..

+ Anna Hieronymus

Clothing: Hieronymus /

Photographer: Nikki Greene /

Model: Stefany Lazar /

Prop Styling: Marissa Herrmann /

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