Berlin! July 23 to 28 – Krake Festival is back! Get Kraked!

Plateau Repas

#TicketsGiveAway – Krake Festival is back, from July 23 to 28, for a week of challenging, mysterious, fun, or crazy electronic music in different Berlin locations. We have two picks for you at KALTBLUT: Lecken and Plateau Repas. French trio Plateau Repas have found their home in Berlin taking inspiration from the 90s musical and video scene, and presenting their productions on stage by turning them into high-energy dance floor moments. Lecken is a “femme-forward sex assertive collective for nightlife production on a constant mission to cause cultural trouble and initiate a sexual revolution, bringing a refreshing alternative to Berlin’s men-dominated dance floors for already two years”.

Krake Festival Team: “As the Krake team is a very mixed and liberal group of people, it is important for us to support small collectives and underground structures who are aware of the possibility of gender-bending and reinvention of personalities. We would like to give these crews a platform at our festival to support their aim and message. Lecken’s parties connect music with art and aim to dance the extra mile to make events unforgettable for their guests. They incorporate performances and video installations, turning their happenings into a lot more than just another party.


As for Plateau Repas, they are a highly colorful and fun performance act, that we chose as they represent a part of musical history that touches Eurodance, Hip Hop, 90s dance music and combine a playful mix of trashy aerobic aesthetics and interactive dance performance that breaks the boundary between artists and crowd. We think it’s important to let go of seriousness every now and again, get involved and just go wild and crazy!”

Lecken and Plateau Repas are guaranteed to turn the heat up on Sunday, the last day of the festival, at Grießmühle Garten. KALTBLUT will choose two winners and send you two guest-list spots each, say why you want to want to go to Krake Festival in the comment section below by July 21.

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