KALTBLUT presents: Chio

A KALTBLUT exclusive fashion film with clothes made by student of Fashion School Chio Lecca (Perú). Film by Glitch Studio. Art Direction and styling Luis Carlos Leiva & Alexandra Pancorvo. Models are Igor Mostovenko and Dušn Prića.  Fashion design students Nicole Klingohr, Margaret Sime, Valery Vilcherres, Luis Venturo, Alondra Landeverry, Paola Paz, Ana J. Manzaneda, Paola Cabrera, Ana Lucia Guerrero. Special Thanks to Josué Fernández

Film by Glitch Studio www.facebook.com/Glitch-Studio-1370678129643659

Art Direction & Styling
Luis Carlos Leiva & Alexandra Pancorvo www.facebook.com/leivaland

Italo Bancayan

Cam Operator
Ricardo Abanto

Igor Mostovenko & Dušn Prića

Make up & Hairstyle
Peggy Sanchez

Alejandro Kletto

Assistant Camara
Leonardo Pulacce

Fashion design students
Nicole Klingohr
Margaret Sime
Valery Vilcherres
Luis Venturo
Alondra Landeverry
Paola Paz
Ana J. Manzaneda
Paola Cabrera
Ana Lucia Guerrero

Special Thanks
Josué Fernández

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