Berlin! Save the date:  27.10.2016. Liber Null Berlin nails the first appointment of the 2016 winter season at Arena Club, there where it was grown to its most mature shape during the last year. The aim to showcase the strong aesthetics of the project, through the most exclusive and unique performances, keeps animating the Liber Null workflow. As any other past event, we propose a strong concept that becomes the main core from which the party takes its own specific shape. Every event has a very different, yet strongly coherent concept that we concretely manifest through the artistic performances and expositions, musical acts and even redesigning the environment of the venue itself.


For this event in particular, we are willing to celebrate the brutality of “Theron”, mythologic cruel creatures whose mistress, “Potnia” (an Homeric name used to refer to the deity of the beasts) is the only creature able to dominate and regulate them.



[ Therion ]

From the greek Thēríon. A generic term for wild animal.

 A brutal, cruel nature. A beast, a crawling creature.

Thēríon never refers to animals used for sacrifice.

Therion, a deity of Thelema.

A monster hidden behind the consciousness.

Do what thou wilt.

Enter Liber Null.

Special guest of this edition, the O/H project (Ontario Hospital, Oddie/Huren) is a new collaboration between David Foster and Rich Oddie, two artists who have been working in the borderlands between noise and techno for over twenty years. Foster founded the influential techno outfit Teste in the early 90s and has since been creating an uncompromising fusion of techno and power electronics, primarily under the Huren moniker. Oddie is one half of the long running industrial techno act Orphx and is also known for his recent solo output and collaborative work with Eschaton (Orphx + Ancient Methods) and Oureboros.


Named after an infamous local asylum, Ontario Hospital combines the rhythmic tropes of techno and EBM with an improvisational approach informed by power electronics, early industrial music and the confrontational performance art of the Vienna Actionists. Foster’s vocals reflect the brutality, absurdity and insanity of modern life, accompanied by the relentless rhythm and noise of the duo’s abused electronics. The debut O/H 12″ on Opal Tapes has been received with rave reviews and new material is in the works for release later this year.

A marriage made in a sick techno dream. Future Ready is one of the strongest Opal Tapes sessions in ages, pitting Foster and Oddie’s hard bitten dance floor credentials in a British Murder Boys style mastication of EBM techno gristle and industrial electronics – Boomkat

Le retour de deux doyens de la noise techno : pulsations originelles et éloge du bruit. – SeekSickSound, 

DE vs. Troit will open the doors to the obscure event performing an unusual experimental dj set between hypnotising drones, dark ambient soundscapes, dead beats and mental frequencies featuring the intervention of the performer Valentin Tszin. The Liber Null head Unhuman and Sinus O. from Order – Paris, will perform for the first time in Berlin (after their debut performance in South Korea) their analogue live set, delivering the sound of power electronics merged into dark atmospheres and animated with straight rhythmic noise. The residents of Liber Null will evolve the journey to more physical directions and body moves; Sirio Gry J, also head of the Berlin based Monolith Records who recently released a 12″ Ep on the London based ‘Several Reasons Rec’, will select the finest Industrial/Techno/Power tunes to keep the journey evolving and bring the dancefloor temperatures to red, leaving to MXM the duty to close the event with EBM waves.


A special coherent environment is needed to give the right accents to the aesthetics of the event, the art floor ‘Thelema’ curated by Nullam Rem Natam will see a live installation of the same curator dedicated to Aleister Crowley, a live sound performance about agony and heavy spiritual matters performed by Emre Zaim Demirtas and Ivan Nabokov will expose a second installation made of glass, light and blood as an elixir of life; everything will happen alongside lights and visuals from Licht Pfad.

[ Mauris Floor ]

O/H – Live (Opal Tapes, Inner Surface)
Unhuman & Sinus O – Live
DE vs Troit feat. Valentin Tszin (Liber Null Berlin)

MXM (Liber Null Berlin)

Sirio Gry J (Monolith Records, Liber Null Berlin)
Licht Pfad – A/V live


[ Thelema Floor ]

Mara – Mara, a purge of agony and heavy spiritual matter. Summoning the inmost with an ethereal dark source and the lament voice. A live sound performance by Emre Zaim Demirtas.

Ivan Nabokov – Glass. Light. Blood. The elixir of life. An art installation by Ivan Nabokov.

Nullam Rem Natam – ‘And I saw a woman sitting upon a scarlet beast. Being full of names of blasphemy. Having seven heads and ten horns’. A live art installation dedicated to Aleister Crowley by Nullam Rem Natam.


Grigoris Myrgiotis – Terata.


Photos and artworks curated by Nullam Rem Natam.

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