Marina Hoermanseder AW 14-15

An Ode To Leather! I witnessed the rise of a new fashion star. In the recent years I have seen many debut collections of young designers. Yet no one has ever managed to get me as enthused as the Austria born designer Marina Hoermanseder. During the Berlin Fashion Week she celebrated a debut of outstanding class. Her Autumn Winter Collection is by far the best we got to see. Marina has been able to shape her own Style from the very first collection. Leather, in a way we have not seen it before! Exclusive backstage photos by Berlin based photographer Suzana Holtgrave!


“French elegance
with an Austrian sense of craft”

I have never seen such a collection ever before. Perfection! In addition to her leather designs there were coats and trousers to be seen as well. And all these were just as beautiful. I ‘m in love with Marina’s design. The Color Line went from green to beige to red .. The highlight was an interpretation of a wedding gown with a leather corset. That was the moment I got tears in my eyes. From being proud of our girl Marina.

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All Photos by Suzana Holtgrave 2014

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