The modest man by Ksenya Kuranova feat. Nick Frank

A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial. Photography by Ksenya Kuranova. Model is Nick Frank. “I’ve always been considered a modest guy who can not afford such hot images, although I can calmly wear a dress and walk down the street, but I could not take my naked body and this shot was the starting point to accepting myself”.

Photography by Ksenya Kuranova / Instgram: @kuranova
MUA by Alena Sergievskaya / Instagram: @alena_sergievskaya
Model is Nick Frank / Instagram: @nickfrank__

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  • James Williamson says:

    There are trappings of sexuality as observed by society; make up, clothing, pose, walk, but 95% of sexuality lays hidden behind the eyes and circulates through the brain. Few arts can capture real sexuality.

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