Must-see exhibition: Freer in Berlin – Curated By Girls

Laurence Philomene

#Exhibition! Curated By Girls’s 1st IRL show, titled “Freer in Berlin”, will take place in Neukölln, at studio Blender & Co, on the weekend of October 8 & 9. There will be 26 artists featured, from various parts of the world, focusing on the theme “new Feminity”.

Julia De La Torre

What is “New Feminity”?
This is the question the 26 artists featured will answer through their artworks.
For its 1st edition, “FREER IN BERLIN” will showcase 26 Artists from around the world, focusing on the theme “New Feminity”. The pieces exhibited will explore the reaction to exploitative representation of women and destabilise the power structures surrounding gender and identity.

Artists are precious. They fight against discrimination and they stand for humanity. We can’t live without them. We encourage YOU, art lovers, to come support the artists on October 8 & 9, 2016 at Studio Blender & Co.

Come spend a good time with us and show your support. Please note that all our artists’s amazing prints will be available at an exclusive and affordable price. This is a 2-days chance only.

Nelson Morales

Curated by Girls is a platform that promotes visual artists, emerging and established. We believe in equality! As such, the artists featured are from every background, gender, ethnicity, body type and generation.

What? Where? When?
FREER IN BERLIN is Curated By Girls’ first In Real Life Show. It will take place in Neukölln district, at Studio Blender & Co. (Boddinstr. 32, 12053 Berlin), on October 8 & 9, 2016.

Margherita Loba


Laurence Philomene (Photographer, Montreal CAN)
Miriam Marlene Waldner (Photographer, Berlin)
Scarlett Carlos Clarke (Photographer, London)
Brandy Eve Allen (Photographer, Los Angeles)
Jessica Barthel (Photographer, Berlin-NYC)
Ashley Armitage (Photographer, Seattle)
Tanguy Loyzance (Photographer, Paris)
Lea Arnezeder (Painter, Paris)
Sophie Wagman (Illustrator, Savannah GA)
Caroline Fayette (Photographer, Berlin)
Margherita Loba (Photographer, Milan)
Rosaline Shahnavaz (Photographer, London)
Alexandria Coe (Illustrator, London)
Andrea Granera (Photographer, Oakland CA)
Nelson Morales (Photographer, Mexico)
Penelope Strintz (Illustrator-painter, NYC)
Martin Cantos (Photographer, Ecuador)
Victoria zeoli (Photographer, USA)
Stefanie Zofia Schulz (Photographer, Berlin)
Carly Hunt (Photographer, Ontario CAN)
Lina Mary Lebensfahrt (Photographer, Berlin)
Julia De La Torre (Illustrator, NYC)
Arthur Oscar (Photographer, Paris)
Elsa Kostic (Photographer, Berlin)
Jascha Muller-Guthof (Photographer, Berlin)
Philippe Duval (Photographer, Berlin-Paris)

Scarlett Carlos Clarke


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