ModaLisboa FW 17/18 – #Boundless! Menswear designer and one of Portugal´s biggest fashion stars Nuno Gama unveiled his new FW17/18 collection last week in Lisbon. He was inspired by the hidden secrets of S. Vicente de Fora. This legend has its origins in the belief that there is descendents of Jesus Christ, through his marriage to Mary Magdalene, exiled in France, giving rise to the Merovingian Dynasty. “Authenticity and classic maturity overlap each other in rhythmic layers, creating modern urban silhouettes in search of a new melody, fashioned from noble raw materials such as exquisite wools in contrast with leather and new sophisticated synthetics, without ever losing touch of the symbolism which is our almighty Atlantic, confronted with a fearless turquoise, honoured by the character of our blood or ennobled by fragrant wood upon which we record history”. Watch the full runway show below. All photos by Rui Vasco. 

Not for those who want, but only for those who love, for those who still vibrate with the fragrance of this land, with the light that shines, from its roots full of juicy memories, to the eternity of the art of “being Portuguese”.


Inspired by his conversations with God, Dom Afonso Henriques won great battles in his conquest of Portugal. To show his gratitude, he placed five shields in the shape of a cross on the flag representing the victories over his five enemies. Symbolizing the five holy wounds of Christ he used 5 silver beetles, which when all totaled, doubling the central, symbolically represent the 30 pieces of silver Judas received to betray Jesus.

Like each fashion season Nuno Gama knows how to put a fashion show together. He has the hottest models on the runway and his work speaks for himself. We love you Nuno Gama.

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