Press Play: Bedstudy – ‘Ø’ (Arms Away)

‘Ø’ (Arms Away) is the emotionally charged and poignant track/clip from Bedstudy – a collaboration between Peter Baldwin and David Plakon. Peter is from Alaska, David from Florida. The distance between them shortened when Peter attended college in Orlando, where the two met in the music scene playing with each other’s bands. Fast forward five years after losing touch, the two found themselves in the Brooklyn neighborhood Bedstuy and happened to reconnect. Bedstudy was born. Upon its founding, they decided Bedstudy would stand for 3 things: Diversity, Sexuality, and Musicality. Within this framework, they write music that represents their diverse interests and influences and channels their desire to be in the moment, to create authentically.

“Ø (Arms Away) is a song that was written around the time of Orlando’s Pulse shooting. The song is not necessarily about that but affected by it, by both members of Bedstudy having lived there and knowing people who were directly impacted. Moses was unaware of this undertone when he wrote the treatment for the video, so it made us that more excited that our song was able to influence his vision. We’re so very pumped about his work and it was an honor to work with him.”


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