Press Play: CID RIM & Petite Noir – ‘Swnerve’

Following on from the complex intensity of ‘FOUR EIGHTEEN’ featuring Dorian Concept and The Clonious, Austrian electronic experimentalist CID RIM has returned with a new track, ‘Swnerve’. A collaboration with Belgian artist Petite Noir, ‘Swnerve’ trades in the frantic instrumentalism of its predecessor for a sparse, vocal-led jam that glows more with every listen.

Exploring a more psychedelic side to his work, CID RIM embarks on a glistening journey through electronica – leading Petite Noir’s trademark cries through a slow-building crawl of droning vocal harmonies, smoky atmospherics and arpeggiated synths. Calling on his signature talent for live drumming – CID RIM perforates the otherworldly track with an organic side, bringing a sense of realism to the song’s fantastical aura. With ‘Swnerve’, CID RIM has exhibited another side to his already multifaceted talents – in Petite Noir, he has found a perfectly suited collaborator, and an intriguing insight into what could be next for the pair.

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