Atlanta native come London dweller (pre-Brexit), William Fussel, aka Promise Keeper has come out with his smooth new saxophone doused, dream-pop incarnation, “MY HOST” featuring musician and comrade Better Person.  Known for having a knack for delivering sultry bass lines, amidst gushing synths and soothing vocals. Promise Keeper found his perfect second voice complement in Better Person. Delivering a track that is gender ambiguous and daringly Kenny G -esque (if Kenny G liked lots of synths and was way cooler, that is).

Formerly, the principal songwriter of the band Mood Rings, Fussell relocated to London in 2015 where he then released his two singles “Side Decide” ft.TOPS and “Porous Silk” on the new London-based label Fnord Communications (Shame/The Rhythm Method). After playing shows with like-minded pop weirdos Sean Nicholas Savage, Vesuvio Solo, and Better Person, he found time to finally commit these slinky night-time songs to record. The self-titled debut mini-album will be released through the French label Atelier Ciseaux and is out now on cassette.






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