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Pure by Aaron Feaver!

It’s all evolution

Aaron Feaver is a photographer living in Los Angeles. His stunning art photography of women and the female body is inspired by his personal view of female beauty. What sets him out is his strong and daring perspective which still manages to maintain a unique tenderness and dream like nature but also the fact that he is not willing to censor himself or compromise his vision at any cost.

KALTBLUT: What is beauty in a woman according to you?

A: Beauty, in the purely physical sense of something visually pleasing, has been pretty hard-wired into us, I think. Babies reaching for pretty faces over plain ones, etc. It’s all evolution and math, and photographing or painting it is basically still life. But there’s that beauty of personality or character that everyone has that you can capture a bit of in an expression, and I’d like to think that’s what I’m going for.

KALTBLUT: What does it take to be a real diva?

A: Ha…well, to be honest I haven’t worked with many divas, so I’m probably not the best judge. I don’t think I’d have much patience for a diva, frankly; I appreciate someone who worked hard to get to the top of their game, but not at the expense of their down-to-earth-ed-ness.

KALTBLUT: How is it to work with women?

A: It’s about the same as working with men. One thing is, there’s kind of a negative stereotype of the fashion photographer as lech, and that’s definitely something I’m conscious of and work extra hard to avoid. There are, I’m sure, guys who set out to be fashion photographers for the chance to look at beautiful women all day, but that’s not at all what I’m about.

KALTBLUT: What has inspired you to photograph women the way you do? (Why women?)

A: I started photographing people because I saw beautiful photos by people like Dusdin Condren and Lou Noble that I wanted to imitate. I’d been taking photos of seascapes and what not for a year or so and I guess I was ready for the next step. I dabbled in photographing women in a sexy way, sometimes naked or half naked, but I’ve moved on from that, too. It can quickly become a crutch, I think. I get a lot of my feedback from Flickr, for instance, and it’s so easy to take a “popular” photo if it’s a nude, or a Polaroid, or…god forbid…both. It’s a confidence booster, for sure, but it’s easy to get lazy. I’d rather a photo be popular because it’s a good photo, regardless of the format or the content. So, yeah, I pretty much don’t take nude photos any more, for those reasons. Now, if nudity adds to the photo or is necessary (somehow) for the photo, then, sure; I’m not against it, I’m just wary of using it unnecessarily.

KALTBLUT: How important do you think photography has been in creating divas over the times?

A: Well, everyone likes to look pretty, and there can be a defining power in photographs that I’m sure could lead someone to have an inflated view of themselves.

Interview By Amanda M. Jansson for our

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