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BERLINERS SAVED THE DATE! In significant cooperation with Beitola & Boyola and the promoter Mauro Feola the SchwuZ organises a new Soli-Party for the 15th may. Because SchwuZ provides their premises for free there will be no entrance. But donations are very welcome and will support two organisations which work on helping refugees.

Burning shelters, increasing resentments and consolidations towards refugees and an expansion of right-wing radicalism (keyword Landtag elections) leave us with the urge to send out a signal of solidarity and cohesion: Refugees welcome! Especially members of our LGBTQI*-communities are often affected by discrimination in multidimensional ways: Due to their gender identity, sexual orientation and migration backgrounds they are exposed to numerous preconceptions, exclusions and also violence.

We therefore chose two organizations that do outstanding work for and with LGBTQI*-refugees and seek to give them better infrastructure and protection to receive the donations:

1. MILES: Consultation and help for self-help for LGBTQI*-refugees
Psychosocial counselling, legal advice, first aid in emergency situations and mediation to other competent consulting institutions are some of the programmes offers.
Infos online:

2. Queere Unterkunft Treptow (Schwulenberatung Berlin)
This emergency shelter for queer refugees is being built at the moment. The donations will be used for the development of an on-site medical center.”
Infos online:


Artwork by Stefan Fähler


POP: u.a. LCavaliero, Gloria Viagra, Kenny Dee, kos_mic q’andi, lisalotta.p, DJ trust.the.girl, DJ PomoZ, Monchichi, Anna Klatsche, Mashyno, mikki_p, Doris Disse

HOUSE, DISCO & TECHNO: u.a. Justus Köhncke, Fata, Disquejockey Alternegro, Justin Case, Ena Lind, Snax, Laura de Vasconcelos, Jessamine, Luigi Di Venere, Mauro Feola, Natascha Kann, Samuel Gieben, Projekt Gestalten, Exildiscount, Lucky Pierre, Gold Tier, Ady Toledano, Andre Fau


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