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Rick Owens F/W 2012-13!

Paris Fashion Week 2012!

Rick Owens is the master of using grey and black colors in a unique way. The new collection is elagant, pure and soooo Rick Owens. We are in love with his design. Once again. Watch the full fashion show here.

“A dark concrete set with a sculptural brazier lighting up a row of flames is the perfect evocative backdrop for the collection. Owens’ fashion embodies an almost monastic rigour and the fetish touch added by the use of knitted masks slightly concealing the face of the models does not divert the attention from the sensual luxury of the materials, the masterful tailoring and the elegant purity of his style.” Vogue Italy.

floor-skimming skirts and coats. Knee-length coats

an endless array of greys: asphalt, steel, charcoal, bone, dust, stone, iron. Black and white. Blush, orange-pink, off-white

Floor-skimming coats teamed with streamlined garments or draped tops and long skirts. Leather coats with broad asymmetric crater-shaped collars. Sheepskin cropped blousons with statement curved shoulders matched with long draped jersey skirts. Dome-shaped patchwork leather jackets and coats with elbow-length sleeves. Coats with sleeves reminiscent of the shape of a dolmen

wool felt, mohair, casentino wool, wool jersey, knitwear, napa leather, mink

thigh-high creased leather and crocodile boots with wedge heel, crocodile biker boots


All Photos Copyright @Yannis Vlamos
Photographer:Yannis Vlamos

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